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SB 978 Process Planning - Stakeholder Outreach
Objective for Outreach Meetings:
The Commission’s objective is to informally gather feedback from stakeholders regarding process, scope, and timing of the Commission’s SB 978 (2017) public process.
Commission representatives will initiate targeted outreach through meetings and/or phone conversations, but any interested persons are invited to submit informal suggestions that focus on the questions listed below to Julie.Peacock@state.or.us with the subject line “SB 978 Process Planning”.
Status of Commission Process Planning:
The Commission has no predetermined process, scope, or timeline for SB 978.  SB 978 contains certain requirements, but the Commission recognizes that there are many approaches to carry out those requirements. Although the Commission has no predetermined process, scope, or timeline for SB 978, it is possible that the Commission investigation of the issues raised by this bill could go beyond the law’s minimum requirements.
The Commission’s only expectation, at this stage, is that the process will start with education and information sharing. The Commission is interested in obtaining feedback, and will seek stakeholder input on the questions below.
1.     Overall, what would a successful Commission process look like to your organization?
2.     What level of importance do you assign to the questions SB 978 asks?
a.     Are any important questions or issues missing?
b.     Is there any part of SB 978 that you believe the Commission should cover in greater or lesser depth?
3.     What level of priority and resources should the Commission assign to this process?
4.     What level of priority and resources does your organization expect to devote?
5.     What is the best process for the Commission to educate, inform and engage itself and its stakeholders around the questions asked by SB 978?
a.     Are there process hazards we should avoid?
6.     What existing resources (educational, etc.) do you know of that could benefit the Commission and other stakeholders during or prior to the investigation?
7.     Who else should we be talking to? What stakeholders should be engaged?