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Methods of Marking Testimony & Exhibits
Marking Each Page

Parties must mark the upper right hand corner of every page of its testimony and exhibits in the following manner:
Party Name/Exhibit number 
Witness last name/Page number
Exhibit number. For the purposes of marking testimony and exhibits, each round of testimony by a witness (or by witnesses testifying jointly) is considered one exhibit.  Each party must number its exhibits consecutively beginning with 100. Each witness for the party should start a new hundred series.  For example, Mr. Smith, the first witness for Staff, would be assigned 100 and Mr. Jones, the fifth witness for Staff, would be assigned 500. Each attachment must be marked as a separate exhibit. For example, a technical appendix attached to Exhibit 100 must be marked Exhibit 101. 

Witness last name. The last name of the witness must appear on the exhibit. 

Page number. Each page of a multipage exhibit must be marked with a page number. Pages must be marked consecutively. If an exhibit is a photocopied document, the page numbers used in the original document are adequate even if they do not appear in the upper right hand corner.
For example, if staff enters testimony by Mr. Smith (who is Staff’s first witness) and it is the fourth document entered as evidence by Mr. Smith for that case, the exhibit marking on Page One appears as follows:
The marking on Page 16 of that document appears as follows:
Large Documents

The ALJ may waive the requirement of marking each page of large photocopied documents.

Filing Lists of Exhibits

At the close of the record, each party must file a list of its exhibits in numerical order, specifying the document, witness, number of pages and whether the exhibit was admitted or excluded.