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Administrative Hearings Division

The Administrative Hearings Division (AHD) conducts hearings and writes orders for cases brought under the PUC's jurisdiction.  AHD's administrative law judges (ALJs), who are independent of the Commission Staff, work to ensure that a full and fair inquiry is made during the proceedings to provide an adequate factual basis for the PUC's decision making. 


You may contact AHD as follows:


(503) 378-6678 (voice)

(503) 378-6163 (facsimile)

Mailing Address:  PO Box 1088, Salem, OR  97308-1088

PUC Cases

AHD conducts two types of proceedings -- judicial-type contested cases, and legislative-type rulemaking proceedings.  AHD maintains notification lists for both types of proceedings.  There are contested cases and rulemaking notification lists for each regulated industry (electric, gas, telecommunications, and water), as well as a rulemaking notification list pertaining to practice before the PUC (procedural). 

You may request that your name be placed on any or all of these notification lists by contacting AHD at (503) 378-6678 or puc.hearings@state.or.us.  AHD provides notices of rulemaking and notices of contested cases by electronic mail and by posting to the PUC website.  If you want to be on one or more of the notification lists but are unable to receive notices electronically, please contact Diane Davis at (503) 378-4372. 

As requested by stakeholders for verification purposes, the notification lists may be viewed using this link.

How to Monitor PUC Cases

You may monitor any PUC case by viewing electronic copies of case filings online using eDockets.  This web-based program allows you to access, search, and download filings by parties, Commission rulings and orders, ALJ rulings and memoranda, and other information related to rulemaking and contested cases.  If you do not have internet access, you may call the AHD at (503) 378-6678 and ask to be placed on a list of interested persons for a particular case.  As an interested person, you will receive copies of documents prepared by the Commission, such as orders, rulings, and notices; but you will not receive copies of other case filings made by parties or participants, including the Commission Staff.  Interested persons are not included on the case service list shown on the Commission's website.


PUC Website:  The PUC's website provides background information about the PUC, pending cases, and a schedule of public meetings.  In addition, the website has eDockets, a web-based program that allows you to access, search, and download filings by parties, Commission rulings and orders, and other information about cases (dockets) and tariff filings.  You may conduct a search by docket, tariff, utility company, as well as find daily filings listings, and hearings and events calendars.  Also available are Commission Orders (listed in reverse chronological order by Order No. and date), an index of Key PUC Decisions, Administrative Rules, and Statutes Relating to the PUC (Laws). 

The PUC maintained a Case Digest from 1987 through 2006 that identified significant orders.  While this Digest is a useful tool, it is not comprehensive or up to date, and there may be other orders addressing a topic that may not be referenced in that digest.

Use this link for information on How to Participate in PUC Cases.