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Reports (RE, RG, RO, RT, RW)



REPORTS EXCLUDED FROM electronic filing through the PUC Filing Center:

  • Annual fee statement form or payment remittance,* or
  • OUS (OUS1, OUS2) or RSPF surcharge form or surcharge remittance,* or
  • Telecommunications annual reports containing confidential information (Forms O, L, C, and I),* or
  • Any daily safety or safety incident report, or
  • Accident reports required by ORS 654.715.
* More information about these reports for Telecommunications providers is found at this link.
Is my filing a report or compliance filing?  If the information you are filing is a one-time filing to show compliance with a Commission order, file it as a compliance filing in the docket.  If the information you are filing is required by statute, rule, or order, and is required on a regular basis (for instance, annually, quarterly, or monthly), file the information as a report.  If you have questions, call the Filing Center.
What formats may I use to prepare my report?  We prefer text-searchable PDF format, but we can accept reports prepared in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  Provide diagrams, photos, or maps in PDF format.  We cannot accept JPEG, TIF, and TIFF files. 
How do I file my report?  Complete the e-Filing Report Cover Sheet.  Send an email with the cover sheet and report attached.  Address the email to PUC.FilingCenter@state.or.us.  In the subject line of the report, type the R- docket number, if you know it.  If you don’t know the R- number, type your company name and the subject of the report.
Do I file a Physical Copy?  You do not need to send a physical** copy of the report to the Filing Center, unless:
  • Report pages contain information designated as Confidential,
  • Report exceeds 100 pages, or
  • Report is an Energy utility Results of Operations report. Provide on CD in a format that can be searched and comments added.
**a physical copy can be paper, a CD, or a flash drive.
How do I submit a report that contains confidential information?
  • Delete confidential information from the public version and prepare the confidential portion of the information either in print on yellow paper or on a separate CD to be physically sent to the PUC Filing Center. Note that using electronic redaction tools may allow electronic access to the confidential information –physically deleting confidential portions in the public version reduces the risk of inadvertent disclosure.  
  • Submit the cover sheet or cover letter and any public (non-confidential) sections of the report electronically to the Filing Center, noting that confidential information will be submitted in paper copy or on a separate CD or flash drive.
  • Submit a copy of the confidential information on yellow paper or on a separate CD or flash drive in a sealed envelope as set out in OAR 860-001-0070.  Mail to PUC Filing Center, PO Box 1088, Salem, OR 97308-1088.
Where may I find reports online? Reports are posted in eDockets using “R” designations: RE for electric companies and providers, RG for natural gas utilities, RT for telecommunications reports, RW for water utilities, and RO for reports relating to multiple industries or other information.
Who do I contact with questions about filing or finding a report?  Call the Filing Center at (503) 378-6678.