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Telecommunications Interconnections Agreements and Amendments (ARB)



  • You must use the checklist provided by the PUC.
  • Complete the checklist.
  • Prepare an email and attach the completed checklist and the interconnection agreement or amendment as either a text-searchable PDF document or as a Word document.  Note:  The email itself is not included in the official filing and should not contain any substantive information.
  • In the subject line of the email, identify whether the filing is an agreement or amendment and the company names. (An example of a subject line is: ARB Amendment COMPANY XYZ and COMPANY ABC.)
  • Address the email to PUC.FilingCenter@state.or.us and send the email.
  • Filings larger than your system's limit or PUC's limit of 20 MB may be sent: 
    • By breaking the filing into sections and sending each section in a separate email, each email labeled "# of #" or
    • By DVD, CD, or flash drive.  If you use this option, the physical copy must be received by the Filing Center within two business days.
  • You, the filer, will receive an email confirming that we accepted your filing and, if applicable, assigned a docket number.  Staff will contact you if any further information is needed. If we decline your filing, you will receive an email telling you why it was declined and, if applicable, what steps you need to take.
  • You do not need to send a physical copy of the agreement or amendment if it is under 100 pages. 
  • If the agreement or amendment is 100 pages or more, send a physical* copy of the agreement to be received within 2 business days to the Filing Center at PO Box 1088, Salem OR 97308, or 201 High St SE, Suite 100, Salem OR 97301.
* Physical copy may be on portable storage device (CD or flash drive) or paper.