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Consent Agenda
Regular Agenda
9:30 a.m.
October 15, 2002
Main Hearing Room
550 Capitol St. NE
Salem, Oregon

Staff has informed the Commission that the items appearing on this consent agenda are not disputed. Staff and the companies have no disagreement with the proposals. No members of the public have expressed interest in these items.
To provide more time to discuss controversial or disputed issues, the Commission will consider the items on the consent agenda together at the beginning of the public meeting. If a member of the public requests to be heard on one of these items, the Commission will remove the item from the consent agenda and consider that item individually.
The staff analysts and recommendations are available on request from the Commission office and on PUC’s Web site (http://www.puc.state.or.us). The staff memoranda are generally available on the Thursday prior to the public meeting. Additional copies will also be available at the meeting.
Finance: None
Affiliated transactions: None
Service: None
Tariffs: None
CA1.UM 940: Establish the gross revenue fee rate for telecommunications providers for calendar year 2003 (collection year 2004).
Staff contact: Terry Lambeth, (503) 378-6123
CA2. QWEST CORPORATION: (Docket No. UM 973) Requests approval of the Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions (SGAT), Sixth Revision, filed August 27, 2002.
Staff contact: Tom Harris, (503) 378-6907
CA3. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Docket No. UF 4193) Application for Authority to Issue up to 50,000,000 Shares of Common Stock to its Parent.
Staff contact: Thomas D. Morgan, (503) 378-4629

Affiliated transactions: None
Service: None
CA4. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Advice No. 02-025) Modifies connection and reconnection charges.
Effective date: October 16, 2002
Staff contact: Deborah Garcia, (503) 378-6688

CA5. PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC: (Advice No. 02-16) Updates tariff sheets for 2003 Portfolio Options and makes housekeeping changes.
Effective date: November 1, 2002
Staff contact: Janet Fairchild, (503) 373-7133

CA6. NORTHWEST NATURAL: (Advice No. 02-14) Requests to update the monthly rate levels for long-term interruptible incentive gas service for Schedule 55.
Effective date: November 1, 2002
Staff contact: Reed Harris, (503) 378-3217

Finance: None
Affiliated transactions: None
Service: None
CA7. CLINE BUTTE UTILITY CO.: (Advice No. 02-8) Corrects the variable rate per hundred cubic feet in Schedule 4.
Effective date: October 20, 2002
Staff contact: Renee Sloan, (503) 373-7871
CA8. AR 429: Request adoption of changes to OAR 860-021-0335, 860-034-0250, 860-036-0080, and 860-037-0075, Refusal of Utility Service.
Staff contact: Ruth Crowley, (503) 378-6683