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Consent Agenda

Regular Agenda
9:30 a.m.
November 13, 2003
Commission Conference Room
550 Capitol St. NE
Salem, Oregon
Staff has informed the Commission that the items appearing on this consent agenda are not disputed. Staff and the companies have no disagreement with the proposals. No members of the public have expressed interest in these items.
To provide more time to discuss controversial or disputed issues, the Commission will consider the items on the consent agenda together at the beginning of the public meeting. If a member of the public requests to be heard on one of these items, the Commission will remove the item from the consent agenda and consider that item individually.
The staff analysis and recommendations are available on request from the Commission office and on PUC’s Web site (http://www.puc.state.or.us). The staff memoranda are generally available on the Thursday prior to the public meeting. Additional copies will also be available at the meeting.
Finance: None
Affiliated transactions:
CA1. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Docket No. UI 220) Application for approval of a Service Contract, including Environmental Services, with PacifiCorp Environmental Remediation Company.
Staff contact: Michael Dougherty, (503) 378-3623

Deferred Accounting:
CA2. NORTHWEST NATURAL: (Docket No. UM 1027(1)) Requests reauthorization for deferral of refunds or collections of distribution margin under Northwest Natural's Partial Decoupling Mechanism.
Staff contact: Judy Johnson, (503) 378-6636
Removed from Agenda

CA3. AVISTA UTILITIES: (Docket No. UM 1115) Requests authorization to defer for later ratemaking treatment certain pension cost differences.
Staff contact: Ed Krantz, (503) 378-6117

Service: None
CA4. PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC: (Advice No. 03-17) Modifies language in minor schedules to comply with the five-day enrollment window.
Effective date: November 14, 2003
Staff contact: Janet Fairchild, (503) 373-7133
CA5. PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC: (Docket No. UE 153/Advice No. 03-18) Adds Schedule 730, Surge Protection Program.
Effective date: November 20, 2003
Staff contact: Carla Owings, (503) 378-6629
Staff contact: Lynn Kittilson, (503) 378-6116
Revision to Staff Contact on Staff Report
CA6. IDAHO POWER COMPANY: (Docket No. UE 155/Advice No. 03-06) Revises Schedule 98, BPA Credit Adjustment.
Effective date: November 28, 2003
Staff contact: Lynn Kittilson, (503) 378-6116
Finance: None
Affiliated transactions: None
Service: None
CA7. VERIZON NORTHWEST INC.: (Advice No. 823) Reduces the minimum volume commitment for ISDN-PRI term and volume plans.
Effective date: November 26, 2003
Staff contact: Jim Stanage, (503) 378-6165
CA8. VERIZON NORTHWEST INC.: (Advice No. SC08-03) Provides special contract arrangements between Verizon Northwest Inc. and a confidential customer for HP3000 Equipment and Software 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Database Management Services.
Effective date: January 18, 2004
Staff contact: David Sloan, (503) 378-6113

CA9. TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPETITIVE PROVIDERS: Request for Commission orders to cancel certificates to provide telecommunications service in Oregon of competitive providers who have not complied with Oregon Universal Service Fund requirements.
Staff contact: Lois Meerdink, (503) 378-8959
CA10. QWEST CORPORATION: (Docket No. UM 973) Requests approval of the Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions (SGAT), Twelfth Revision, filed September 30, 2003.
Staff contact: Tom Harris, (503) 378-6907

Finance: None
Affiliated transactions:
CA11. SEVENTH MOUNTAIN GOLF VILLAGE WATER COMPANY: (Docket No. UI 217) Application for Approval of a Property Management Agreement between Seventh Mountain Golf Village Water Company and Canterbury Property Management LLC.
Staff contact: Michael Dougherty, (503) 378-3623
Removed from Agenda
CA12. A&G WATER & SEWER COMPANY:(Docket No. UP 208) Application for Approval of the Sale of A&G Water & Sewer Company to The Nichols Group LLC.
Staff contact: Michael Dougherty, (503) 378-3623
Service: None
Tariffs: None
CA13. AR 459: Adoption of Cost Allocation Rules for Energy Utilities.
Staff contact: Michael Dougherty, (503) 378-3623
CA14. AR 466: Adoption of Federal Pipeline Safety Regulation Amendments.
Staff contact: Jerry Murray (503) 378-6626

CA15. UM 779: Commission Determination of Late-Payment Rate and Interest Accrued on Customer Deposits.
Staff contact: Ming Peng, (503) 373-1123