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Public Meeting Agenda
9:30 a.m.
July 20, 2004
Main Hearing Room
550 Capitol St. NE
Salem, Oregon
The Commission will receive general public comment at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. The Commission will also receive public comment after staff has presented each of its agenda items. Persons unable to attend the meeting may submit written comments about agenda items. Written comments must be received prior to the meeting in order to be considered by the Commission. Comments sent to the Commission by fax should be sent to: 503-378-5505. Please identify the Agenda Item Number clearly.

Staff has informed the Commission that the items appearing on this consent agenda are not disputed. Staff and the companies have no disagreement with the proposals. No members of the public have expressed interest in these items.
To provide more time to discuss controversial or disputed issues, the Commission will consider the items on the consent agenda together at the beginning of the public meeting. If a member of the public requests to be heard on one of these items, the Commission will remove the item from the consent agenda and consider that item individually.
The staff analysis and recommendations are available on request from the Commission office and on PUC’s Web site (http://www.puc.state.or.us). The staff memoranda are generally available on the Thursday prior to the public meeting. Additional copies will also be available at the meeting.
CA1. VERIZON NORTHWEST INC.: (Advice No. 837) Adds the initial deployment of FlexGrow Trunk service to the local service tariff.
Effective date: July 21, 2004
Staff contact: Dave Sloan, (503) 378-6113
CA2. VERIZON NORTHWEST INC: (Advice No. SC15-04) Makes special contract arrangements between Verizon and a confidential customer to provide Analog CentraNet and CO Located Trunk service.
Effective date: August 23, 2004
Staff contact: Dave Sloan, (503) 378-6113
CA3. TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPETITIVE PROVIDERS: Request to cancel certificates of authority to provide telecommunications service in Oregon of carriers who violated the terms and conditions of their certificates.
Staff contact: Lois Meerdink, (503) 378-8959
CA4. ANNUAL REPORTS: Approval of 2003 Form I, Separated Results of Operations.
Staff contact: Cynthia VanLanduyt, (503) 378-6638
CA5. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Advice No. 04-007) Specifies provisions related to the Oregon Market Kick-Start Program and Emergency Default Services.
Effective date: August 1, 2004
Staff contact: Janet Fairchild, (503) 373-7133
CA6. NORTHWEST NATURAL: (Advice No. 04-10) Revises Schedule 177, Adjustments to Rates for Safety Programs, to include provisions to implement the revenue recovery treatment for the company´s Integrity Management Program.
Effective date: July 21, 2004
Staff contact: Bonnie Tatom, (503) 378-8225
CA7. SEVENTH MOUNTAIN GOLF VILLAGE WATER CO.: (Advice No. 04-13) Revises Schedule 4, Miscellaneous Service Charges, Connection Charges for New Service from $300 to $450.
Effective date: July 29, 2004
Staff contact: Renee Sloan, (503) 373-7871
CA8. SALMON VALLEY WATER COMPANY: (Advice No. 04-15) Revises Schedule 10, Miscellaneous Service Charges, Connection Charge for New Service from $220 to $450.
Effective date: August 1, 2004
Staff contact: Renee Sloan, (503) 373-7871
CA9. AR 484: Initiate a Rulemaking to Update OARs 860-027-0120 and 860-034-0580 for Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers.
Staff contact: Terry Lambeth, (503) 378-6123
1. ST. PAUL COOPERATIVE TELEPHONE ASSOCIATION: (Docket No. UM 1146) Petition for Temporary Suspension of Wireline to Wireless Number Portability Obligations.
Staff contact: Tom Harris, (503) 378-6907
No. UW 102/Advice No. 04-14)  Requests a general revenue requirement increase in the amount of $20,457, or
158.2 percent, and interim rates, subject to refund.
Effective date:  August 1, 2004
Staff contact: Kathy Miller, (503) 373-1003