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Public Meeting Agenda
9:30 a.m.
January 4, 2005
Main Hearing Room
550 Capitol St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301-2551
PO Box 2148, Salem, Oregon 97308-2148

The Commission receives generalpublic comment at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. The Commission will accept public comment on individual agenda items immediately following each staff presentation. Persons unable to attend the meeting may submit written comments. To be considered, written comments must be received prior to the meeting and should clearly reference the Agenda Item. Comments may be submitted by mail at the above addresses, fax (503-378-5505), or emailed to puc.commission@state.or.us.
Staff has informed the Commission that the items appearing on the following Consent Agenda are routine and not disputed by the company or parties usually participating in PUC proceedings. No member of the public has expressed interest in these items. The Commission will consider the Consent Agenda as a single action item at the beginning of the public meeting. If a member of the public requests to be heard on one of these items, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.
The staff analysis and recommendations on agenda items are available on the PUC’s Web site (http://www.puc.state.or.us) or by request from the Commission office. Copies will also be available at the meeting. Staff memoranda are generally available on the Thursday prior to the public meeting.
CA1. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Advice No. 04-022) Updates Sched- ule 290 to comply with changes in OAR 860-038-0480.
Effective date: January 15, 2005
Staff contact: Janet Fairchild, (503) 373-7133
CA2. PACIFIC POWER & LIGHT: (Docket No. UM 1183) Approval of the company's revised Metering Policy.
Staff contact: J. R. Gonzalez, (503) 373-1531
e-mail: jose.gonzalez@state.or.us
Staff contact: Jerry Murray, (503) 378-6626
CA3. PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC: (Docket No. UP 217) Application for approval to sell property in Multnomah County to Metro, a Municipal Corporation.
Staff contact: Marion Anderson, (503) 378-4362
Caption Change
CA4. SPRINT/UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY OF THE NORTHWEST: (Docket No. UI 236) Application for Approval of a Directory Assistant Services Agreement with Carolina Telephone and Telegraph, Sprint Communications Company, L.P., and Sprint-Florida, Incorporated, Affiliated Interests.
Staff contact: Marion Anderson, (503) 378-4362
CA5. SPRINT/UNITED TELEPHONE CO OF THE NORTHWEST: (Advice No. OR04-13) Increases the current rates for Directory Assistance Services.
Effective date: January 5, 2005
Staff contact: Jim Stanage, (503) 378-6165
CA6. SPRINT/UNITED TELEPHONE CO OF THE NORTHWEST: (Advice No. OR04-26) Proposes to establish a new heading, which includes Promotional Offerings.
Effective date: January 19, 2005
Staff contact: Jim Stanage, (503) 378-6165
CA7. SPRINT/UNITED TELEPHONE CO OF THE NORTHWEST: (Advice No. OR04-22) Introduces intrastate rates and regulations for Operator Transfer and Operator Inward Assistance Services.
Effective date: January 5, 2005
Staff contact: John Reynolds, (503) 378-2985
CA8. QWEST CORPORATION: (Docket No. UM 973) Requests approval of the Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions (SGAT), Eighteenth Revision, filed November 24, 2004.
Staff contact: Celeste Hari, (503) 378-6628
CA9. OREGON EXCHANGE CARRIER ASSN: (Advice No. 91) Revises the tariff language related to the calculation of and use of the Percent Interstate Usage (PIU) factors.
Effective date: January 5, 2005
Staff contact: Suzanne Smith, (503) 378-6665
1. NORTHWEST INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCERS COALITION: (Docket No. UM 1182) Request to Open an Investigation into Competitive Bidding Practices.
Staff contact: Janet Fairchild, (503) 373-7133
Agenda Addition 
2.  CASCADE NATURAL GAS CORPORATION:  (Docket No. UF 4213)  Application for Authority to Issue and Sell not more than $30 Million of Securities.
Staff contact:  Ming Peng, (503) 373-1123