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News Release
Governor Selects Roy Hemmingway Commission Chairman
May 18, 2001 (2001-23)

Contacts: Roy Hemmingway, Chairman, 503 378-6611
Roger Hamilton, Commissioner, 503 378-6611
Joan H. Smith, Commissioner, 503 378-6611
Bob Valdez, Public Information Officer, 503 378-8962
Salem, OR – Governor John Kitzhaber has designated newly-confirmed Commissioner Roy Hemmingway as Chair of the Oregon Public Utility Commission effective his first day of office and for one year thereafter.
Hemmingway succeeds long-time Chairman Ron Eachus on the three-person Commission.
The 1999 Oregon Legislative Assembly granted the Governor the authority to designate the Chair of the Commission.
In a letter, the Governor noted the role of the Chairman is extremely important to the people of the state of Oregon and expressed his confidence Hemmingway will make a positive contribution to carrying out the Commission's work fairly and efficiently.
Hemmingway, 55, served as Salmon and Energy Policy Advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber. Hemmingway was one of the original members of the Northwest Power Planning Council from 1981 to 1986. He also served as Deputy Public Utility Commissioner and adviser to former Gov. Bob Straub. He holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a law degree from Yale University.
Listed below are the duties of the Chairperson of the Commission as set out by the Governor: The Chairperson…
shall serve as the administrative head of the Commission, with responsibility and authority to:
  • ensure that the Commission's proposed budget is prepared according to law and the directions of the Department of Administrative Services;

  • present the Commission's proposed budget to the Governor and legislative assembly;

  • monitor the expenditure of funds by the Commission and ensure the legislatively approved budget for the Commission is not exceeded;

  • prescribe internal policies and procedures for the government of the Commission, the conduct of its employees, the assignment and performance of its business and custody, use and preservation of its records, papers and property in a manner consistent with applicable law;

  • authorize spending for services and supplies, as long as doing so does not restructure the agency's regulatory priorities;
shall serve as presiding officer of the Commission with responsibility and authority to:
  • call meetings of the Commission;

  • set the agenda for those meetings;

  • preside as Chairperson at those meetings, and ensure that the public notices and other requirements of law are carried out with respect to meetings of the Commission;

  • shall act as chief spokesperson for the Commission to the public and media, without infringing on the rights of the other Commissioners to express their views in public;

  • shall act as principal liaison with the Legislative Assembly, Governor and other state and federal agencies;

  • may share or delegate any of the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, not otherwise reserved by law to the Chairperson, with other members of the Commission or staff.
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