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Oregon Telecommunication Service Quality Information

Welcome to the PUC's Service Quality Web Site.  The PUC developed this site to help the public assess the quality of service provided by telecommunications carriers in Oregon.  The PUC's goal is to present the information so customers can determine the quality of phone service in Oregon.
What will I find on the web site? 
You will find a range of service quality information for those telephone companies with more than 1,000 local access lines.   This information is a tool in assessing the performance of telephone companies. You can compare how promptly the  companies provide new or changed service, respond to trouble reports from customers and how quickly they answer customer calls at their repair centers and business offices. 
How do I read the charts?
When reviewing the charts, look for color.  If a category shows up in yellow, the company is in violation of the Commission standard for that particular category.  You may find it helpful to first review the service quality report explanations to gain a better understanding of the terms.
For which companies will I find information? 
The Commission collects data from all telephone companies, with the exception of cooperative (i.e., member-owned) telecommunications carriers, that have more than 1,000 local access lines. A carrier that has met all service quality rules for a minimum of one year can petition the PUC for exemption from service quality reporting requirements. A list of all companies that report service quality information can be found here. Companies with more than 1,000 local access lines but are exempt from reporting are appropriately marked.
How often is the information updated?
Each telecommunications carrier is required to report to the Commission its monthly service quality results within 45 days after the end of the reporting month. For instance, August data must reach the Commission no later than October 15th. The PUC Engineering Staff analyzes the data and generates summary charts and graphs for internal and public view. Every attempt is to put this data up on the web as soon as possible.
Where can I find the standards?
The Commission's service quality standards are published in the Oregon Administrative Rules.
OAR 860-023-0055 lists standards for telecommunications companies with 50,000 or more access lines.
OAR 860-034-0390 lists standards for the telecommunications companies with fewer than 50,000 access lines. 
OAR 860-032-0012 lists standards for competitive telecommunications  companies with over 1,000 access lines.
The law on which these standards are based is ORS 759.450
Who can I contact if I have questions or a complaint?

Points of contact for the PUC and individual telecommunications carriers are available to answer questions. 
These points of contact are NOT able to accept complaints.  Please follow the normal complaint procedures by calling your telecommunications carrier first through its normal repair service number and any additional company complaint escalation process. 
If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the Commission’s Consumer Services Division at puc.consumer@state.or.us, or call (within Oregon) 1-800-522-2404, or 503-378-6600 if in the Salem area.

Consumer complaint process information.