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OUS Fund Filing Requirements
Who Must File
All certified Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) in Oregon, as defined by OAR 860-032-0001(10), must file the TSP identification worksheet OUS1 and the contribution worksheet OUS2. This includes telecommunications utilities, competitive providers, and cooperatives. Eligible local exchange carriers (LECs) for OUS distributions must, in addition, file the OUS distribution worksheet OUS3 to receive support. Radio common carriers (RCCs), to the extent they elect to participate in the OUS fund and are designated as eligible by the Public Utility Commission of Oregon (PUC), must also file OUS worksheets. See ORS 759.425(7). 

When and Where to File
Companies have the options to file the following worksheets by either using the Universal Service Fund Web Application or manually file with the OUS administrator:
The OUS1 Worksheet must be filed with the fund administrator to establish or change the provider’s identification information. The administrator shall maintain current identification information, and shall request that an updated form be submitted at least annually
The OUS2 Worksheet must be filed with the fund administrator by the 28th day of the second month following the close of the quarter. 
The OUS3 Worksheet must be filed with the fund administrator within 40 days of the close of each month (i.e., by the tenth day of the second month following the close of each month). 

Information provided on the OUS2 and OUS3 Worksheets is considered confidential and will be handled as such by the administrator to the extent allowed by law. Other information maintained by the OUS administrator, including the identification of contributors and eligible LECs, the administrator’s budget, the amounts collected and distributed to telecommunications providers, and the economic cost per line database, are not considered confidential.

TSPs and eligible LECs failing to file the OUS Worksheets and OUS contributions in a timely fashion may be subject to enforcement provisions. The administrator shall make reasonable efforts to secure timely payments from contributors including assessing late payment charges on delinquent contributions. After unsuccessful efforts to secure payments or receive requested information, the administrator shall notify the PUC and Advisory Board for further enforcement activity. That enforcement activity may include cancellation or suspension of the provider’s certificate of authority (under OAR 860-032-0015).

Pay Phone Provider Refunds
ORS 759.425(8) allows pay telephone providers to apply for a refund of the OUS surcharge imposed on, and paid by, the provider for the provision of pay telephone services.  The PUC adopted rules for the refund of OUS surcharges in docket AR 454. See PUC Order 03-221 and OAR 860-032-0670.  Pay telephone providers seeking a refund must file an Application for Refund of the Oregon Universal Service Surcharge